Women We Celebrate: Charmaine Olivia

A goddess, herself, Charmaine Olivia is a constant reminder of what happens when we invest our time in the things we love. Her most recent collection: Muses was inspired by the women she admires, which have made their way into her paintings and drawings. She is continuously celebrating women herself from her studio in Oakland, CA – for this and so much more we celebrate her today!

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“A focus on feminine beauty underlies the majority of the artists’ works, as well as developing an ethereal presence with subtle inclusion of the unexpected. Each painting in the exhibition is a wonderland of hidden details. Wildly colorful, Muses is a more passionate exploration of portraiture than previous shows, full of palettes that impart a new vibrancy to the work.

“With this new body of work, Charmaine has taken a more painterly approach. The loose brush strokes and rough handling of paint compliment the sense of a certain wild freedom that echoes out from each of the artist’s powerful figures. “Each painting was inspired by an image of a woman with a certain look, a soft quality or expression that drew me to her,” Charmaine explained. “Some emotion that resonated within me that I wanted to reflect back.” -Shooting Gallery

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