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Women We Celebrate: Charmaine Olivia

A goddess, herself, Charmaine Olivia is a constant reminder of what happens when we invest our time in the things we love. Her most recent collection: Muses was inspired by the women she… Continue reading

Potluck of Poetry: Anna Liffey by Eavan Boland

LIFE, the story goes, Was the daughter of Cannan, And came to the plain of Kildare. She loved the flat-lands and the ditches And the unreachable horizon. She asked that it be named… Continue reading

Dewdrops + Details

“We are rained and snowed on with gems. What a world we live in! Where are the jewelers’ shops? There is nothing handsomer than a snowflake dewdrop. I may say that the maker… Continue reading

Women We Celebrate: Florence Welch

  Florence Welch is the lead vocalist from Florence + the Machine. We had the chance to see her live a couple years ago and we loved it! She is only 25 years… Continue reading

We Spoke All Night in Tongues, in Fingertips, in Teeth.

Spring We bought great ornamental oranges, Mexican cookies, a fragrant yellow tea. Browsed the bookstores. You asked mildly, “Bob, who is Ugo Betti?” A bearded bird-like man (he looked like a Russian priest… Continue reading

Street Style For 2014

Originally posted on Outfit of the Day blog:
Street Style For 2014 by martina-16 featuring yves saint laurent glasses Get 6% off on all Skincare items at Scented Monkey promo code:cjskin6off

Women We Celebrate: Aracelis Girmay

Born and raised in Santa Ana, California, poet Aracelis Girmay earned a BA at Connecticut College and an MFA from New York University. Her poems trace the connections of transformation and loss across… Continue reading

Living Inside the Self

“The aim of each thing which we do is to make our lives and the lives of our children richer and more possible. Within the celebration of the erotic in all our endeavors, my work… Continue reading

Silence is a Thing of the Past

Quiet Girl I would liken you To a night without stars Were it not for your eyes. I would liken you To a sleep without dreams Were it not for your songs. Langston… Continue reading